dado pills

i am dado. need pillllllllllls (sry hampstor on keysboard) for health or pills for crime? trust dado, will make.

product recall

to anyone who bought hampster constipation pills, please return pills to dado now!
dado mix up constipation pill with personal hampster pill, unwanted sideaffects can happen

dado news

previous succes

pill pills

discreet banana radiation kill pill

was made for mysterious client. sadly foundation found pills before pills used :(
was pretty funny seeing 92 blow up tho hahaha. they never will get rid of 56mil banana mushed into tiny corridors.

good long sleep pill

will make you sleep long and safe. like baby

not pill pills

polis dado-nut

very special dado-nut for law inforsment. have thin blue line,a are very patritotic!
however this no politic statete ment. dado just want to be nice to cooooooooooop (syr hamstre agan)

hare loss pil

recently lost hare? no worry! dado make liquid to replace hare, very nice and fluffy replacement hare.

memeic liv agent

silly foundationmen make many sick image. dado not understand why make image that kill customer?
dado fix one image, is live agent now. makes feel good instead of dead when looking at it

request some pills

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